We, being the residents of a developing country suffer from various health issues at the very grassroots level.

Nowadays worldwide it is a bigger issue than anything else. Notwithstanding anything, to serve and to develop a country we need to improve technologies for health-related issues.

Belonging to a small town from West Bengal dreaming of a nice, healthy, and a physically strong society is not that easy. So here is our small effort to provide you the basic necessities for health related issues from our end in the best possible way.

About Us


We at Life Cure Diagnostic Center, not only offer the best technologically relevant services that are easily affordable but also

strongly promote quality and healthful services, allowing easy access to people from all aspects of life. Prioritizing hospitality services and ensuring that each of our patients feels at home at our place. Here, at our pathology center, we offer close to 300 tests, ranging from the simplest to advanced tests which are examined using fully digital and semi automated machines. We also offer home collections of samples as per the requirement of the customer within their own comfort. Last but not least here also you can get a new facility of web reporting which will make it easier for you to collect the report.

We are like a small plant just been planted but we will try our best to serve you all comfort. So with great hope, we are stepping into a new era and expect your support. Our work is helpful, patient-friendly, hygienic, and always focused on providing you the best.

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